Only 1 in 3 Data Scientists have significant experience working with spatial data. This community, nestled at the intersection of GIS, Advanced Analytics & Data Science, is growing rapidly & answering some of the most pressing questions in both the private & public sector. The Spatial Data Science Conference has brought those brains together since 2017 to discuss the latest & greatest in spatial analytics.

"By making #SDSC an online event, it's now the world's largest & most global gathering of Spatial Data Science experts. It's an exciting thing to be a part of."
2020 Attendee


2021 brings three events for Spatial Data Scientists across the globe:

Past editions

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  • Elena Rivas Ruzafa

    Elena Rivas Ruzafa

    Head of Data Science at JLL

  • Edward Lee

    Edward Lee

    Data Scientist at Mastercard

  • Jack Linkshi

    Jack Linkshi

    Data Scientist at Airbnb

  • Danil Kirsanov

    Danil Kirsanov

    Engineering Manager at Facebook

  • Shan He

    Shan He

    Senior Data Visualization Engineer at Uber

  • Enu Herzberg

    Enu Herzberg

    Product Director of Postmates

  • Bilal Lodhi

    Bilal Lodhi

    Director of Analytics at Bain & Company

  • Julie Price

    Julie Price

    Data & Analytics Customer Engineer at Google

  • Nombuyiselo Murage

    Nombuyiselo Murage

    Research and development lead at Women in GIS

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