Discover the highlights from 2020's largest Spatial Data Science Conference.


The Spatial Data Science Conference (#SDSC20) brought together thousands of spatial enthusiasts from 62 countries across the globe.

Problem solvers from Data Science, GIS and Analytics communities came together in a virtual event to look at 38 different spatial analysis projects in the private and public sectors, as well as non-profits and academia. We looked at new types of location data, innovative spatial modeling techniques as well as best practice for sharing location-based insights.

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Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award 2020


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Day 1: Industry Spotlight: How Enterprise Organizations use Spatial Data Science

  • Javier de la Torre

    Opening Keynote: Looking to the future of Cloud Native Spatial Analysis

  • Michele Ferretti

    Empowering People to Experience the World with Spatial Data Science

  • Andrew Stringer

    Knowing the Difference Between Bedford, Buckingham & Broadchurch

  • Bilal Lodhi

    Mapping Spatial Insights to Value

  • Carla DeMarzo-Sanchez
    Lindsey Johnson
    Jake Carr

    Commercial Real Estate Research & Geospatial Analysis

  • Tim Rains

    Back to Basics: Building a Suite of Store Typologies

  • Andy Stevens
    Saso Bruzzese

    Returning to the Great Outdoors: How Spatial Data Powers the Reimagination of OOH

Day 2: How Spatial Modeling is used in Cities & Government

  • Fred Shone

    How to Build a Massive Agent-Based Transport Model to Plan the Future

  • Dr Alistair Edwardes
    Sonia Williams

    Using ML to Produce Spatial Statistics on Energy Efficiency in Housing

  • Giulia Carella

    A Bayesian Spatial Analysis of the Association of Socioeconomic Inequality, Epidemiological Conditions and Human Mobility Changes During the Us COVID-19 Epidemic

  • Tianyu Su

    Street Scale Urban Dynamics: Understanding Urban Activity Using WiFi Data

  • Dick Ayres

    Indexing the World's Waste

  • Jonathan Simmons
    Charis Doidge

    Bringing Geo to Data Science vs. Bringing Data Science to Geo

  • James Wedge
    Stéphane Martis

    Worldview to Experian: Helping You Measure and Prioritise International Opportunities

Day 3: Getting Hands On: Learning the skills of today's Spatial Data Scientist

  • Levi John Wolf
    Daniel Arribas-Bel

    Enriching your Analytics with Geographic Data Science

  • Omri Greenberg

    How to Use Synthetic Data to Accelerate Image Analysis and Improve Detection Results

  • Derek Ouyang

    Unlock location data with Placekey

  • Miguel Álvarez García
    Giulia Carella

    Integrating CARTOframes into Spatial Data Science workflows

  • Alex Singleton

    Supporting COVID-19 Response with Consumer Data Research

Day 4: Spatial Analysis vs COVID-19

  • Joan Capdevila

    Mapping C-19: There’s an App for That

  • Francisco Calero

    Usage of Spatial and Mobile Data to Assess the Compliance of Quarantine After Receiving a Positive Result of COVID-19 - Ecuador

  • Stephanie Sy

    Using Geospatial Analytics for Tactical & Strategic Planning

  • Panel

    The Value of New Spatial Data Streams vs. COVID-19

  • Mathias Kemeter

    Boost your Applications with In-Database Spatial and Machine Learning

  • LeeRyan Solomon

    Uncovering customer behavioral changes from disparate datasets with SQL

  • Paula Moraga

    Geospatial Risk Models for Decision-Making in Global Health

  • Kai Kaiser

    Spatial Data, Informed Policy: Confronting Waves of COVID-19

Day 5: Spatial Data Science for Good: How Location Analytics is changing our world for better

  • Jamie Saxon

    The Social Meanings of Local Mobility

  • Nombuyiselo Murage

    Vocalizing Gender-Based Statistics using Spatial Insights

  • Brian Suk
    Julie Price

    Unthrottling your spatial analysis, no matter the scale

  • Dr Benjamin Thürer

    From Noise to Signal - How to Overcome Common Problems in Location Data

  • David Lapp

    Leveraging Converged Database for Location-based Contact Tracing

  • Dr Paul Nathanail

    Communicating Conditional Simulations of Land Contamination to Local Residents

  • Dr Tomas Holderness

    Using Hexagons to Address Risk

  • Greta Carrete Vega
    Luisa Teixeira

    Why Spatial Matters In The Fight Against Climate Change

  • Spatial Data Scientist of the Year 2020 Award

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Spatial Data Scientist of the year Award

At #SDSC20, The Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award was presented to Dani Arribas-Bel for his work to advance research in Spatial Data Science. You can read more about Dani and other shortlisted candidates on our blog.

Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award 2020