October 19th-23rd

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Problem solvers from Data Science, GIS and Analytics communities came together in a virtual event to look at 38 different spatial analysis projects in the private and public sectors, as well as non-profits and academia. We looked at new types of location data, innovative spatial modeling techniques as well as best practice for sharing location-based insights.


Using Hexagons to Address Risk


Dr Tomas Holderness
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The Value of New Spatial Data Streams vs. COVID-19


Ariel Segal Eck, Mark Gibbas, Elizabeth Gilbert, Alejandra Aranzadi
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Integrating CARTOframes into Spatial Data Science workflows


Miguel Álvarez García, Giulia Carella
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Enriching your Analytics with Geographic Data Science


Levi John Wolf, Daniel Arribas-Bel
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Commercial Real Estate Research & Geospatial Analysis


Carla DeMarzo-Sanchez, Lindsey Johnson, Jake Carr
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At #SDSC20, The Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award was presented to - for his work to advance research in Spatial Data Science. You can read more about Dani and other shortlisted candidates on our blog.

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