New York

Thursday, October 20th

Workshops on Wednesday, October 19th

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See highlights of the Spatial Data Science Conference 2022 in NYC. The largest event for Data Science, GIS & Analytics professionals.

This year we gathered more than 500 Data Science, Advanced Analytics & GIS experts from across the globe, to bring together a host of businesses and organizations asking important location-based questions: about our cities; for commercial impact; and for sustainability.



What workshops were held?

This year we held multiple Spatial Data Science Workshops in multiple locations across the city - in partnership with our sponsors (CARTO, Google Cloud, Snowflake, Databricks, and AWS)

This year we held multiple Spatial Data Science Workshops in hese workshops were designed for Data Science and Analytics professionals in a range of industries - allowing the community to come together and share best practice on methodologies, tools and types of data that can be used in spatial models.

Democratising Geospatial: Advanced Spatial Analytics at Scale

Enable Serverless Geospatial Analytics and Machine Learning with AWS and CARTO

Geospatial Analytics with Snowflake and CARTO

Building a Flexible Geospatial Lakehouse on the Databricks Platform

Columbia University
View of the sponsors booths and people doing networking
Auditorium of the conference

Columbia University

New York, US

Upcoming events

The Spatial Data Science Conference has been running since 2017. Our conferences and bootcamps have brought together thousands of people across the globe to discuss Spatial Data Science use cases, showcasing some of the best stories from a wide range of industries and countries.

Each year, a panel of experts select the Spatial Data Scientist of Year, taking into account the projects, research and methodologies used by leading Spatial Data Science talent from across the globe. Watch the speech here.